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Vector images

Average SVG size: 2.5 kB Compressed: 2.41 kB SVG version: 1.1 license: MIT


This is a repository of vector images that I made while studying vector graphics (templates were taken from the Internet, but all vector pictures were drawn by me).

Start exploring!

If you think that you have found a mistake or have sufficiently improved (including minification) something in this repository, you are very welcome to contact me here or directly by email.

You can use any of these images in your projects, works etc within the confines of the license.

How to use

Each SVG image has a colored or/and black-and-white version. You can use (download):

  • Beautified colored version
  • Compressed colored version
  • Beautified black-and-white version
  • Compressed black-and-white version
  • Adobe Illustrator source files

Links are located at the bottom of each page.

Technical information

  • Adobe Illustrator files are built with Illustrator CC and are compatible with Illustrator 17 and later versions.
  • SVG files are exported from Adobe Illustrator and then partly minified and beautified to fit some standards, as I see it. See sample
  • PNG files are rendered using the convert-svg-to-png Node.js package by neocotic. Render sizes are specified for each image in “SVG/{image_name}/src/conf.json”.
  • The size of any SVG image is calculated without considering the size of the XML header (-40 bytes). SVG version is removed for compressed files (-14 bytes).

Copyright © 2020 Nikita Paniukhin

License: MIT